About Us

Our Origins


Wal-aks Keane Tait, a noojit (pronounced [nɔːdʒɪt] two spirit person) from the House of Axdii Wil Luu-Gooda & Ksim Xsaan of the Git-Wilt'uuts'kwhl Aks Clan of the Raven Tribe from Git-Lisims (People of the Nass River) more commonly known as Nisga’a people. Wal-aks' father is from the Gitxaała Laxgibuu.

Wal-aks’ preferred pronouns are:  they  |  them  |  their

They are passionate about:

- language & culture activism

- with a focus on Sim'algax̱am Nisg̱a'a (Nisga'a Language)

- regalia making

- weaving

- leading and choreography for KGN Dancers

Wal-aks challenges gender role expectations and nourishing the gifts given by Creator are the seeds of Wal-aks’ woven & sewn works of art and adaawak (oral history).

Keane was raised in the unceded ancestral lands of the Ts'msyeen people in Terrace, BC. This is the urban centre, one hour south of their homelands of K'alii-Lisims (Nass River Valley)

Our Approach

Wal-aks & their wak (brother) Anmogam Dilx

Our service is with an approach to cultural content that has strong foundations in the Nation of origin of clientele.

Why Us?

Wal-aks & their Hlguuhlgum hanak' (fraternal niece) Lagam-Gos

We strive to create beauty & honourable cultural items & cultural content to uplift and honour your ancestors.