Cloth Regalia


Ceremonial Cloth Regalia items, such as:

Button Robes,

Dance Capes,

Feast Vests,

Feast Shawls

Nisga'a Storytelling, Drumming & Singing


Sharing Nisga'a history & culture through storytelling, singing & drumming.

Intro to Gwiis Maakskw


Workshops to learn to create Gwiis Maakskw (Northern Geometric Weaving) items... headpieces, pouches, bags, wristbands, aprons & robes

Gwiis Maakskw Items List to Commission


Headpieces for adults & children

Cost: available upon request

Dance apron

Lined, fringed dance aprons with options of different noise makers.

Cost: available upon request

Medicine pouches

2" wide to 4" wide medicine pouches, with cloth pouch sewn to the back

Cost: available upon request


Cuffs are available in single or pairs. Sizes vary upon client's request.

Cost: available upon request 

Side bags

Purse-style side bags for various uses, including but not limited to: rattle bag, purse while dancing, etc.

Bag sizes begin around 5" wide x 7" high (fringe not included in this measurement) Sizes can be customized.

Cost: available upon request 


Dance leggings are approximately

12" tall x

12" wide at base x

15" wide at top

Cost: available upon request 

Nisga'a Storytelling, Drumming & Singing

Wal-aks Keane can provide storytelling, singing & drumming from the Nisga'a people. They are comfortable in providing such services to small intimate groups of about 5 up to a large gathering of people at a conference.

Wal-aks' upbringing in the Nisga'a language & culture enriches their ability to share from the heart.


Cloth Regalia

A combination of traditional, hands-on training from their mother Adiiyoox Emily and learning to draw from studying their late maternal grandfather's works of art aid in the production of creative and beautiful regalia pieces.

Wal-aks works with their clientele to achieve a desired piece(s) of regalia.